This RTD 移动票务隐私政策 (Policy) describes the information collection and handling associated with your RTD Mobile Ticket (mTicket or mTickets) purchases.

You may purchase mTickets through RTD's Mobile Tickets application or a Third-party application, 目前仅限于优步应用, 和公交应用.

RTD与Masabi LLC (Masabi), specializing in mobile ticketing solutions, to sell RTD mTickets. When you purchase a mTicket through RTD's Mobile Tickets application or a Third-party application, a contract is formed between you and Masabi to purchase that mTicket. References in this Policy to 'we' and 'us' cover both RTD and Masabi.

We take the privacy of our 使用rs very seriously. Therefore, we ask that you read this Policy carefully. It contains essential information about how your personal data will be 使用d and shared when purchasing mTickets through a mobile application.

Collection and Use of Personal Information


This Policy covers only the provision of data related to the purchase of mTickets and data collection by Masabi and RTD. Information provided to Third-party application providers such as Uber or Transit governs your 使用 of their respective application by the provider's separate privacy policy and terms and conditions. You should review those in the respective application.

When you purchase mTickets through the RTD Mobile Tickets App or a Third-party application, 我们会收集个人信息, 包括:

  • 购买mTickets的信息, 例如mTicket ID, mTicket类型, 购买机票的日期和时间, 以及机票的有效期.
  • 我们可能会收集付款详情, 金融交易信息, the email address where receipts were sent, and information about saved credit or debit cards.
  • We may collect information about mTicket activations, such as the mTicket类型 and the date and time of activation, 有效时间结束, 或车票到期.
  • Device information: We may also collect information about your device each time you 使用 an app. 例如, we may collect the mobile device type the device's unique identification number (IMEI number, 手机号码, or MAC address of the device's wireless network interface). 我们也可能收集移动浏览器, 操作系统, 网络信息, 和时区设置.


We 使用 your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To provide you with mTickets and to otherwise manage the sale of mTickets (including providing customer support);
  • For billing and order fulfillment (including in-app purchases);
  • To prevent fraud or illegal activity (for example, to verify the identity of a purchaser of a mTicket);
  • For research and statistical and behavioral analysis;
  • To improve our services; and
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements.



  • Masabi集团内的其他公司;
  • RTD's agents and service providers (including third-party analytics providers who 使用 aggregated data that would not personally identify you); and
  • Law enforcement and regulatory agencies in connection with any investigation or to help prevent unlawful activity or as otherwise required by applicable law.


Your consent to RTD's and Masabi's collection, 使用, and sharing your personal information is implied by purchasing a mTicket through the RTD Mobile Tickets application or a Third-party application or by using the mTicket for travel. Buying a mTicket or using the mTicket for travel, 您接受并同意收集, 使用, and share of your information collected by RTD and Masabi in the manner described in this Policy. We will not be required to obtain your consent for any 使用 or disclosure described in this Policy.


RTD complies with the Colorado 打开记录 Act (CORA). For mobile tickets information that is not readily available to RTD staff, mTicket 使用rs must file a request through CORA. You may be charged a fee for your request.



We 使用 technical and organizational measures designed to safeguard your personal data, for example:

  • A password and 使用rname unique to you; controls access to your account and
  • We store your personal data on secure servers.

While we will 使用 reasonable efforts to safeguard your personal data, you acknowledge that the 使用 of the internet is not entirely secure. 出于这个原因, we cannot guarantee the security or integrity of any personal data transferred from you or to you via the internet.



RTD reserves the right to modify and update this Policy at any time without notice. RTD will post a more prominent notice of the change to our website for any significant changes affecting your rights. RTD encourages its customers to review this Policy periodically. You should check this Policy frequently to ensure you know the most recent version.


RTD is committed to adhering to this Policy and to protecting the privacy of its customers. RTD welcomes your questions and comments. If you wish to contact us, please call RTD客户服务 at 303-299-6000 or 在线十大正规体育平台.

ATTN: Manager, Electronic Fare Operations
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