At RTD, we are stewards of our 骑手, our communities and our environment. We are dedicated to serve the public and meet the transit needs for our 骑手 and communities. We do this by building new infrastructure, 提供新的, 清洁安全车辆, listening to your concerns and suggestions, and striving to provide our 骑手 the best transit experiences for rail and bus transportation.

Learn more about what we do each and every day fulfill our mission to meet our constituents’ present and future public transportation needs by providing safe, 清洁, 可靠的, 有礼貌, 可访问的, and cost-effective service throughout the District.



The safety and 安全 of our 骑手 is a top priority. We have implemented several measures to improve your 安全 while riding RTD.

  • 我们的 transit police are present on our bus and 铁路车辆, 在车站, 公交车站, and our Park-n-Ride facilities.
  • 我们所有的巴士, 铁路车辆, 站, and Park-n-Rides are equipped with surveillance cameras and monitored 24/7 at our high tech Security Command Center.
  • 我们的 运输手表 program provides you direct communication with our transit police to report suspicious activity. This includes our 运输手表 app to help you report activity directly from your phone and anonymously. Learn More 运输手表


With trains and buses always on the move, it’s important to educate our 骑手 and public about the importance of safety on and around our transit systems. 我们的 safety programs are designed to educate and improve the safety of our 骑手 when using the public transit system.

  • Partners in Safety is a collaborative effort between RTD, 骑手, and the general public to promote a safer environment around RTD vehicles. Learn More About Partners in Safety

Protecting 我们的 Environment

Keeping Mother Nature Happy

At RTD, we are committed to leaving a 清洁 planet to our children. RTD has been a leader in implementing programs like gas emissions reduction, 清洁空气措施, 节能, 可再生能源. 我们的 goal is to improve air quality of the Mile High City.

We have established sustainability policies and guidelines to foster sustainability in all aspects of RTD activities. We also have implemented specific environmental programs including:

  • 公共汽车 emissions inspection
  • 回收
  • 清洁燃料
  • Electric 免费MallRide shuttles
  • Engine replacement/upgrading
  • 氟利昂复苏
  • New parts 清洁ing system
  • New vehicle paint and improved painting techniques
  • 泄漏控制装置
  • 雨水管理
  • 用节水技术栽培的花园

Learn more about our environmental programs

New fleet of all-electric 免费MallRide Shuttles rolled out August 29, 2016

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Program

RTD is a key player in the implementation of Transit Oriented Communities, a program aimed at developing a pedestrian-oriented environment in places 可访问的 by public transit. 我们的 roles focus primarily on station area improvements, addressing community needs, long term planning coordination, and station redevelopment efforts. 了解更多关于TOD的信息


这需要一个村庄... to make our environment 清洁er. RTD launched Adopt-A-Stop程序 to encourage the public to cooperate with RTD in keeping 公交车站 清洁. Get involved in our Adopt-a-Stop program

Other Community Initiatives

RTD is also proud to actively participate in many events in the community:

The Art-n-Transit program features public artwork around RTD transit hubs and 站. ​

Providing a Reliable Service


Proactive maintenance is essential for delivering safe and 可靠的 transit service to our customers. 我们的 维修状况良好 program is a preventative maintenance program designed to optimize our system to better serve our communities. Using an extensive asset management approach, we are able to effectively manage and maintain our assets and infrastructure in order to maximize benefits, 降低风险, and provide quality assurance for our customers.



With baby boomers nearing retirement, transit agencies have to find ways to pass their transit professionals knowledge and expertise to the next generation. Peer transit agencies across the nation and world have expressed a great deal of interest in RTD's successes and lessons learned in project delivery, 金融, 安全, workforce development and operations. We have gathered best practices to share with our peers as well as with the youngest generation of RTD's employees.

Read RTD's 最佳实践


我们的 people are our most valuable asset and we want to share their knowledge.